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The Purchase Of Sofa
Aug 08, 2017

Color collocation

1, modern, simple, more to light tone, mainly white, beige pastoral style sofa

Beige, yellow mainly, and the overall style of furniture in line with.

2, classical leather sofa generally with dark tone, usually in the cortex to do some antique crafts, is the cortex presents a classical texture, so the leather of the classic sofa compared to other styles of the cortex technology requirements are higher, the price naturally slightly higher.

II. cowhide Cortex


1, is the animal body's tendons, is the natural formation;

2, after processing (pressure to flatten), there will be a trace, this is the pressure in the process is not flat caused, only the dermis has this phenomenon, the touch is slightly close, but does not affect the use, in the production of furniture requirements as far as possible not to use on the front.

Wrinkles (fat wrinkles)

1, is the cow growth process inevitable phenomenon, such as cattle belly, armpit, neck and other parts;

2, the cowhide is in accordance with the mold version of the whole painted skin, sofa and other furniture, the use of large area of cowhide, sometimes inevitable will contain belly, armpit, neck and other parts, but for the sensory effect, high-grade furniture is generally required to try not to use in the front.

3, the sense of fat wrinkles slightly close but does not affect the use of performance.

Third, cowhide thickness

1, generally three kinds: 0.9--1.25mm thin skin, 1.3--1.6mm medium thickness, 1. Above 7mm thick skin

2, the same type of cortex and thickness, the use of leather on the sofa is not the thicker the better, generally to thin skin and thick skin, so contact with more soft and comfortable.