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The Principle Of Placing The Sofa
Aug 08, 2017

Sofas are generally placed in the living room, used for daily rest, visiting or chatting. Therefore, in the residential geomancy, occupies an important position. Therefore, we should pay attention to the following Feng Shui principles when placing:

1. Selection of the arrays

The sofa is distinguished by shape, there are single sofa, double sofa, long sofa, chi-shaped sofa and round sofa, etc. to material distinction, there is leather sofa, cloth sofa, rattan sofa and traditional acid branch chair, etc., to color and shape distinction, but also a variety of patterns. Sitting room sofa, the most taboo set of half or Fangyuan sofa and use.

2. Sofa Placement

The sofa should be placed in the House of the Kyrgyz side. Traditionally, it is believed that in the auspicious position, a young and old can get its breath, if the wrong place in the ominous azimuth, a young and old are suffering from it, not peace.

3. Behind the sofa

The so-called, refers to the patron, refers to the sofa after the solid wall reliable, no worries, so just in line with the Feng Shui Road. If the sofa is behind a window, door or aisle, no solid wall reliable, it is tantamount to the back of no backer, empty piece, is scattered in the bureau, difficult to save the gas. From the modern psychological aspect, the sofa behind, makes the person lacks the security, always has the feeling behind the attack, is inferior to backs the wall to be comfortable. The workaround is to put the low cabinet or the screen behind, with "man-made backer" to remedy.

4, sofa top bogey beam

The top of the sofa if there is a beam, this belongs to the beam, the people sitting below the impact of great, should try to avoid. The workaround is to pack the beams in the decoration. The second is on the sofa on both sides of the tea table, placed two basins open to carry bamboo, to bear the top of the beam.

5. The pendulum method of the sofa

The sofa pendulum method to each side has one arm to extend suitably, symbolizes about preservation. If because the area is too small and do not get around preservation, retreat and seek next, can be in the water level decoration another sofa to form a water bureau, which is also in line with Feng Shui Road.