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The Maintenance Of The Sofa Use
Aug 08, 2017

① sofa placed on the flat floor, the bottom of the four corners of the best cushion cushions, to prevent damage to the floor when moving.

② use clean soft cloth before cleaning the dust and dirt on the sofa surface, if the cow leather (leather) production, must use the nursing agent to rub the sofa surface one to two times before using (do not use the wax quality care product), such in the ox leather (leather) surface forms the protective film, makes the dirt in the future not easy to penetrate the dermis pore, facilitates cleans later.

③ should be avoided in the seat of the sofa to beat, in order to avoid local pressure after deformation, affect the use.

④ should avoid touching the surface with sharp corners or tool-like utensils to prevent scratching the fabric.

⑤ should avoid sunshine long time exposure to the sofa caused by deformation of leather fabric and lose elasticity, such as often in the sun exposure, should be separated for a period of time to adjust the position of the sofa to prevent the obvious color difference;

⑥ should avoid rain or excessive moisture caused by swelling and relaxation of the leather surface loss of elasticity or resulting in leather fade, color or mildew. In the event of greater humidity, you can use the weak sun from 8 to 10 in the morning to illuminate 7 days, 1 hours a day, about 3 months.

⑦ Daily Maintenance: Use clean soft cloth regularly wipe fabric sink or stain. The gap between the back, armrest and seat face can be used to clean sundries. Prohibit the use of wet cloth, hard objects or acid, alkaline chemicals and other materials contact fabrics, so as not to affect the surface quality and use cycle.

⑧ Regular maintenance: Cattle leather surface distribution has pores, as human skin maintenance as dry and wet season to maintain. Dry season to clean oil every two months, the usual season can be maintained in 3-4 months.