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The Craft Composition Of The Sofa
Aug 08, 2017

1. Woodworking Process

A, solid wood in the assembly before the four-sided planing light treatment, so that each frame more refined and beautiful.

b, the sofa frame back, side, handrails are used high-quality fibreboard packaging.

C, in order to improve the structure and strengthen the framework, each junction of the framework using a full and accurate cutting of the wooden tripod positioning, and with glue and screws to be fixed. D, the use of straight-nail gun to ensure that each interface is firmly.

2, the contractor process

A, the frame covered with a layer of 2-4cm thick recycled high rebound sponge (especially handrails with 2-4cm thick recycled high rebound sponge and then paste 2-4cm thick high rebound sponge, to ensure that the human touch sofa handrails do not directly feel the wood frame), the surface is tightly adhered to a layer of tensile cloth, the minimum degree of reduction in fabric and frame friction.

b, the use of horse nail gun to ensure that bandages and other important parts of the firm.

3. Sewing process

The surface sewing uses the electric high speed lockstitch sewing machine, the stitch evenly is smooth, each piece of fabric all passes through the edge processing.