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122nd Canton Fair Phase 2 For Home Furniture Sofa
Oct 31, 2017

122nd canton fair, the largest trade fair in the world, held on Oct.15, displaying 160,000 products from different fields. As the global economy has been on upward trend this year, we could see an increase in the amount of buyers around the world.

FM266 NEW.jpg


As a living room sofa manufacturer, FUDAN-NISI sofa attended the canton fair Phase 2, which displayed consumer goods, gifts and home furnishing. By showing new sofa designs, we successfully attracted many customers who are not only furniture traders but also hotel and house developers. These buyers can purchase leather sofa, electric recliners, sofa beds and functional chair from FUDAN-NISI.


In order to know FUDAN-NISI further, some customers visited our headquarters and workshops located in Foshan. We introduced more sofa designs and production process to them as well.


In a word, thank you for all customers’ visiting and support. FUDAN-NISI always provide you high quality leather sofa and service.