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You will be surprised by what workers do before packing sofa sets
Dec 20, 2017

After one piece of furniture sofa set finished, what will workers do to make sure it is high quality finished before packing? Quality is soul of one enterprise, we have an effective quality control team to inspect every sets of sofa for living room before packing and loading.


1. QC platform is a very useful tool to inspect sofa and loveseat set. All the leather couch and loveseat set will be sent to QC dept., worker will put sofas on the QC platform to check the balance and size.


2. Inspect if functional seater work as expected, test and refine.

3. Check metal components, inspect if they are well installed.

4. Inspect cushion and other handcraft of the living room couches.

5. Check other details.

6. Take pictures as record.


7. Use leather sofa cream to clean before packing

8. QC report

FYPI201304010 验货报告 P1.jpg

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