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Why FUDAN-NISI can always provide you high quality leather sofa?
Oct 12, 2017

FUDAN-NISI has manufactured leather sofa since 1998. We are always delighted to provide sofa for our customers' house around the world. How to make high quality leather sofa? Quality control of leather is very important. Today, we introduce some process of leather quality control in our workshop.

1.Size Measure

If leather supplier send us leather from tannery, IQC need to check and confirm the size of leather is correct.

2.Abrasion Test

We have another test that is abrasion test. Here is a tester in which the main parts are loading and grinding wheels from USA Taber each side. Usually, we fix one piece of leather in this tester where leather sample will be rotated and abrased 800 rounds under 500g loading.

After 800 rounds' test, we can see clearly if the abradability of leather is good enough.

3.Matching Leather and PVC

Because of better price, most people prefer to choose "half leather' sofa. That mean, seat, back and armrest part which is often touched by people, is made of geunine leather, other part is made of PVC. But, leather and PVC are different material.

When we make half leather sofa, we need to consider some factors(color, texture and glossiness) that make sofa cover look naturally. We always use light box to match leather and PVC by D65 light.

4.Leather Surface Checking

Before sewing, we need to check every piece of leather. Because sometime here is a little defect on  leather surface that is not suitable for upholstery.

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