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What define a piece of excellent modern leather sofa set?
Dec 18, 2017

What define a piece of excellent modern leather sofa set? Leather cover is one of major factor.


In the leather market, there are different kinds of leather, genuine buffalo leather, genuine cow leather, micro leather, PU, PVC etc.


We here to talk again three types of popular genuine leather which usually use on making couch and love seat set. Good living room couches require soft and smooth leather cover, with resilience for bouncing back after user sit. Some people prefer shining, some people prefer matt color.


Buffalo thin leather is popular leather choice for making furniture sofa set, because compared with thick leather, its price is more economic, it can low down the cost for the leather sofa sets but also not sacrificing quality. Its thickness is 0.9-1.1mm, with small grain. Its easy to wholesalers and retailers to sell fast.


-Buffalo thin leather,small grain


Buffalo thick leather, thickness 1.1-1.3mm, it look good covering on big size massive design sofa set. It has big and deep grain.

-buffalo thick leather,big grain

Cow leather thickness 1.1-1.3mm, it has same deep grain as buffalo thick leather, only difference is the touching feeling of the leather, cow leather is more softer. Manufacturers use this type of leather on high end, big size modern living room sets.



FUDAN-NISI sofa is one of prestigious manufacturer among leather sofa makers industry, have 20 years experience in making leather furniture sofa set, leather corner sectional sets, recliner sofa, electric sofas, leather ottoman, leather coffee table, leather single arm chair.


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