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Type of sofa bed
Aug 08, 2017

The sofa bed in the market has 20 percent, 30 percent, can be divided into the chair back leveling folding and sliding on the retractable slide, the folding and unfolding process of the bedstead is easy to operate.

The sofa bed after the collection is very delicate and not clumsy, generally more than the size of the bed used to reduce the area of nearly one-second, sitting on the top of the comfort of the real sofa is no different. The design of the sofa bed is also varied. With a storage sofa bed, the side of the sofa can be used as a storage box, take down the cushion and put it in the storage box, that is, combine it into a sofa bed, some sofa armrest can be 90 degrees flat into the bedside, mattress by the chair directly pull out, some flip sofa seat and form of double sofa bed, and so on, I believe there are a of you.

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