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The shopping skill of the sofa bed
Aug 08, 2017

Point one: the size of the sofa bed is well fitted

In the selection of sofa bed, do not blindly consider the appearance of the sofa bed and color, comfort is also very important, and this is reflected in the size. The size of each part of the sofa should adapt to the human body's physiological structure of the curve, in line with the ergonomic principles, so whether it is sitting in the bedroom will be more comfortable.

The height of the sofa bed is preferably between 35-42 centimeters, about the height of the human calf. High or low is not conducive to the relaxation of human muscles. Seating depth of 48-55 cm is more appropriate, when the back as far as possible to stick to the back of the sofa, the knee should still be outside the face. From the ground, the sofa bed back height should be between 68-72 centimeters, in this range, comfort is the strongest. In addition, the tilt of the backrest is best between 100-108 degrees, the height of the armrest in 62-65 centimeters is more suitable.

Point two: The structure of the sofa bed to be firm

The sofa bed frame structure is sturdy, is the measure sofa bed quality Most main standard, also is the sofa bed solid durable basic safeguard. If the sofa bed with wooden frame, it is best to open the base interlining to view, see whether the wood is smooth, good wood frame should not moth, scar, severity traces.

The "variant" mode of sofa bed has two kinds of "flip type" and "Push-pull". Regardless of that way, in the "variant" process, should feel smooth, moderate resistance, the various parts in place after stable and firm.

Point three: Sofa bed spring mat not too soft

Sofa bed with double function of sofa and bed, so the quality and comfort of sofa bed Spring mat is very important. And in the choice, not the softer the spring mattress, the better the soft and hard mattress can evenly disperse the weight of the body, strengthen the support of the spine, play a role in alleviating body fatigue.

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