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The material of the sofa bed
Aug 08, 2017

The bracket sofa bed is usually a hardwood or metal bracket. The selection should be observed whether the stent welding is smooth and no gap, the coating is uniform, soft. In order to experience its solid, can be both hands around the sofa bed before and after shaking, if the feeling stable, no noise, indicating that the stent firmly.

A good spring sofa bed will add a spring to the bottom of the bed. And only in the plastic frame and foam cotton as the main material of the sofa bed is prone to deformation, not suitable for purchase. The spring of the sofa bed should be soft and hard moderate, elastic balance. Can personally lie on the sofa bed, feel supine, side, turn over when comfortable. In addition, a good spring support weight should not sound.

Most of the joint sofa bed in the sofa "change body" for the bed need to open the folding card mouth or pull out the chute, some sofa bed is also equipped with pulleys, easy to transfer the owner's position, so these activities "joints" is also the key part of the sofa bed. When you buy the sofa bed should be pushed or opened many times, feeling in different angles change will not be stuck to meet the requirements.

Cushion sofa bed In most cases assume the function of the sofa, so the quality of the cushion is very important. Cushion fabric should not slip, elasticity should be moderate. At present, the quality of the sofa bed cushion and cushion is more used nylon belt and Snake Spring crossover network structure, layered bedding high elastic foam,-and light body foam. This cushion bounces well and feels comfortable sitting.

Bed sets of sofa bed fabrics are usually cloth-oriented, should be thick and wearable, not easy to pilling. Some European and American professional manufacturers of sofa bed special fabric quality is better, the surface has been anti-fouling treatment, but also anti-static, flame-retardant and other functions. Choose cloth sofa bed, to carefully observe whether the fabric is fine smooth, no jump, can also be used to use the hand to see if the seam is tight. The best choice of removable bed sofa bed, both easy to clean, but also in the future to replace the new bed sets, increase the sense of room change.

In addition, from the appearance, the market on the sofa bed variety, whether it is modelling, color or pattern, should be combined with the original style of the bedroom to be selected, in order to make the overall style of the room coordinated reunification.

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