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Dec 09, 2017

It is getting more and more popular using stereo system on sofa furniture set.


Imagine you rest on electric or manual recliner couch set, turn on the music system, enjoying your favorite songs, its best leisure time after work.


FUDAN-NISI leather sofa has a series of comfy sofa with music system, iphone ipod and ipad are available. User can also connect the system by bluetooth.


FM280 OPUS combines electric recliner and stereo system in a set of sectional sofa, give you functional furniture set option.

Look at FC068 console, not only has music system but also reading lights for the couch set.


FM312 another multifunctional leather sofa set, it includes sectional sleeper sofa with hidden bed mattress, also with electric recliner, what enlighten the sofa , it has stereo function too, for this increase the value of this bright color sofa set!

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