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Sit on the couch and lose weight
Aug 08, 2017

Action One:

Sitting on the edge of the sofa, elbows on the sofa with both hands, shoulders close to the back of the sofa, legs to pedal bicycle-like, legs and body angle depending on the circumstances of the individual, do 20-30 times.

Action Two:

Two-arm elbow 90 degrees affixed to the sofa, legs straight, forefoot holding the sofa, the body to maintain the level of the abdomen, buttocks slightly upturned, to maintain 15-20 seconds, do 3-4 times.

Action Three:

Sit on the sofa, legs together, hands in front of the chest to hold a cushion to help maintain smooth, legs micro-flexion as far as possible in the chest, to maintain 10-15 seconds, do 6-8 times.

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