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moisture content of wooden frame of sofa should be less than 15%
Sep 30, 2017

As you know, leather sofa is made up of wooden frame, filling material(sponge, polyester fiber) and cover material(leather, PVC). If a whole set of leather sofa look as people's body, wooden frame is same as skeleton which is very important for stability.

But, how can we know the quality of wooden frame? In FUDAN-NISI, we always select high quality solid wood for our sofa. One of the most important factors we need to consider is the moisture content.

Usually, when solid wood delivery to us from supplier, our IQC people will use a tester from TESTO to check the moisture content of wood. We need to confirm it is less than 12% and then send into warehouse. Before producing, QC team will check solid wood once again. This time, we need to confirm the moisture content is less than 15%. The double check enable FUDAN-NISI to provide high quality wooden frame for leather sofa.

Here are some pictures about IQC for the moisture content of solid wood:


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