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Modern Fabric Modular Sectional Sofa For Your Living Room
Nov 14, 2017

As a modular design, this sectional sofa set can be displayed in a large living room or a smaller one. Because you can design your own combination by yourself.  What you need to do is that pick and choose the suitable specification and adjust the number of pieces to fit your home.

We provide you 11 different modular seating, you can get from wide range: one seat, two seat, three seat, sofa bed, chaise, 45 degree corner, straight corner, cozy corner, left open end, right open end and ottoman.

Comprised of these separate pieces, various home sofa can be showcased: usual sofa, L shaped sofa, big corner sofa, corner sofa bed. That’s a beautiful thing with a modular sectional sofa.

FM095 Maya full set.jpg

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