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Leather Sofa Cleaning
Aug 08, 2017

Things have been used for a long time, and usually become dirty and bad. Leather sofas are no exception, so how can they be cleaned and routinely protected?

(1), the leather of the sofa is susceptible to strong light heat and hardens to change color, so we should put it in a shady place. But that place cannot be too humid because the dermis is susceptible to dampness and mildew. So it's best to distribute the sand to a cool, dry place.

(2), remember not to be alive and kicking on the leather sofa, do not put hard things on the leather, so it is easy to damage the leather.

(3), if you want to move the sofa, to grasp the bottom of the sofa, do not grasp its skin, which will damage the skin.

(4), daily best can clean up the sofa skin crevice stains, with a soft cloth coated with some neutral light soapy water, wring dry after gently wipe. If you find a ballpoint pen, such as the left mark, please use the eraser to get them.

(5), sofa cushion best Choose some more soft, prevent its friction damage.

(6) The informal seating method is easy to damage the sofa, such as sitting on the armrest of the leather sofa or sitting on the edge of its seat.

For the new purchase of leather sofas, first with water to wash wet towels, wring dry after the sofa surface dust and dirt, should not wash with water or wipe with gasoline. Again use the nursing agent to rub the sofa surface one to two times, in the dermis surface forms the protective film, causes the dirt not to penetrate the dermis pore easily.

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