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How to take advantage of your small space
Sep 05, 2017

In the prosperous city, so many people work and live there. Because of the expensive housing price or rent, the big house is not affordable for young people, they have to live in small apartments with only one bedroom. If unexpected customers visit you in the weekend, you take a long time to get together till the midnight, where they sleep in your small house? How to slove this problem?

Now, we recommend you a "living room transformer" for your unexpected customer. In the daytime, it is an usual sofa. In the night, it become a bed for sleeping. What is it? Please see following pictures and vedio. It is an amazing folding sofa bed design!


When you unfold the bed mechanism, you can find one piece of mattress hidden inside. Moreover, the sofa chaise is designed as a storage, you can put pillow and quilt inside. It is very easy to operate.



Folding sofa bed, give you a good space solution. Make your life more convenient!

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