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Have you ever seen sofa that can play and cooling your beer?
Sep 06, 2017

Home is a warm harbour for people who work hard and busily. When you go home, if there is a very comfy sofa displayed in the living room. It will be good to relax yourself. Now, we recommend you multifunctional recliner sofa Danny.



For love seat recliner, Danny can play beautiful music by connecting with your phone. If you want beer, it has cooling cup holders to backup you.

What's more, if you want to read, Danny sofa provide you lighting that can be changeable.

Meanwhile, phone can be charge by collection in 3 seater sofa.


Danny recliner sofa is made of genuine leather, all leather and half leather are both available. You also can choose colors from wide range.  

Learn more about this multifunctional reciner, welcome to visit our website and send email to


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