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Featured Zig Zag Stitching Make Modern Living Room Sofa More Beautiful & Fashionable
Nov 16, 2017

In current market, sofa set is not only one piece of living room furniture, but it’s also one piece of art. More and more manufacturers will apply unique stitching on furniture sofa set, in order to create extra sense of value for the sofa set design.

Take FUDAN-NISI sofa as example, we use brand Honyu sewing machine, there is specific computer program data especially for each shape of stitching, easily input in the computer which is attached on the machine, it will control the the sewing matching output the exact shape of tread on to the leather cover.



For making the living room couches more exquisite, we have diversified shapes for the stitching.

Like some of trendy leather sofa for living room, their arms are surrounded by different kind of stitching, some like baseball stitching, some are crossed shape, some are straw shape etc. We love to follow the most modern trend of modern living room sets.



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