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Do you like this leather sofa with metal stainless steel decoration on arm?
Dec 19, 2017

To make furniture sofa sets with sense of value, we tried to add more elements on the living room furniture. For example, special zigzag stitching, color matching, metal accessories and so on.


FUDAN-NISI is a expert in making leather sofa sets and leather sectional set with metal decoration. In our high end size leather sofa line, we have different types of metal accessories to match the arm to make the sofa more unique. They are FUDAN-NISI Metal series.


This is piece of classic work, its arm are surrounded by square stainless steel.


Look at this T shape metal on arm, to make the sofa and loveseat set more creative.


More over, this model is also very popular in export market, we have been selling this sofa set design to UAE furniture market for years, customers love it!


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