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China-Australia Free Trade Agreement helps leather sofa sets market boost
Nov 27, 2017

Trade barrier between two countries typically come in the form of tariffs barrier and trade quotas. In order to lowering trade barriers, helping industries to approach new markets and to boost the economy of both countries, ChAFTA, the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement entered into force on 20 December 2015.

After the agreement takes effect, 85 percent of the products from Australia will enter the Chinese market tariff-free, one the other hand, products from China exporting to Australia also enjoy 95% tariff-cut down or even free. These will include many industries, such as agricultural products, daily stuff, furniture sets, cosmetic, electric equipment, etc.

As manufacturer of modern living room sets, we also benefit from FTA between China and Australia, since Australia is NO.1 market to our sales market, we have been exporting to major cities like Melbourne, Sydney.

FTA makes trading easier, boost our market of leather living room couch set.

China, with its population of 1.4 billion people and rapidly rising middle class, presents enormous opportunities for Australian businesses well into the future.



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