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A brief introduction of leather sofa
Aug 08, 2017

Leather sofa is actually a said, cowhide, Pigskin, horse, donkey skin can be used as a sofa material. Leather with natural pores and skin lines, feel plump, soft, full of elasticity. The market on the leather according to the texture can be divided into: All green, half green, embossed skin, crack skin four kinds. The first two general prices are high, but the quality is superior; the latter two, relatively inexpensive, are used by families in general.

Some people say that the dermis emits a mellow atmosphere, such as a bottle of noble and rare wine, through the years of the imprint, lasting and sweet. Leather Sofas-Oslo and in furniture, leather sofas are generally used for cowhide, like the age of trees, the Cowhide faithful and accurate record of the life course of the cow, it suffered trauma, and the same kind of struggle, by the beast attack. So there is no identical two cowhide in the world.

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